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Leadership Team

Hosting parties, planning panels, and coordinating networking events takes a lot of work. These kind souls make it all happen.

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Via Abolencia, MBA/MPH '23

I'm from Jamaica, Queens and went to college in Brooklyn where I studied Biology and English. Prior to Haas, I worked for a HIV/AIDs clinic in South Africa, a city health department, and then a large health system on the east coast where I oversaw population health management programs focusing on health equity and social determinants of health. I'm a MBA/MPH concurrent degree student and care about creating better financial and operational pathways for people to receive quality and culturally competent healthcare. In addition to Q@Haas, I'm also involved with the Haas Healthcare Association and The Consortium. I love cooking for my friends, taking scenic drives, weightlifting, climbing, and being outdoors. You can talk to me about moving to the Bay from the east coast, being trans non-binary in business school, and any of the above!

Jyotsna Jayaraman, MBA '23

I grew up in Delhi, India, and spent most of my time practicing and performing Indian classical dance. After engineering school, I started my career in analytics consulting which took me to the US. Prior to Haas, I was doing data science and machine learning for early to late-stage startups in the bay area for 6 years. At Haas, I am exploring Consulting & Venture Capital. I serve on the Student Advisory Board of Center for Equity, Gender & Leadership and I am involved with the Haas Venture Capital Club. Before Haas, I was living in a 23-person intentional community in SF and I love to talk about all things community/co-ops. I am insatiably curious about meditation, consciousness, and embodiment. In my free time, I love to go on hikes with friends, do yoga, climbing, and reading memoirs. Talk to me about any/all of these things! 

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Fiodor Otero, MBA '23
VP of Admissions

I was born and raised in Panama in a Panamanian-Ukrainian family speaking Spanish and Russian at home. I moved to the US to pursue my undergraduate education in Film and TV Production at University of Southern California. Then, I worked in international film sales and distribution for 6 years working in some of my favorite movies including I, Tonya and Atomic Blonde. I am currently pivoting to PM in big tech. At Haas, I am involved in MBAA (Student Government) as the VP of Alumni. Talk to me about any of the above and/or musical theater, running, cycling, or traveling.

Matt Solowan, MBA '23
VP of Careers and Alumni

I grew up on Long Island and have spent the past 7 years bouncing back and forth between New York and California, unable to make up my mind on which coast I prefer ( might even say I'm bicoastal). After graduating from the University of Southern California, I worked in Marketing at L'Oréal before deciding to pursue an MBA. At Haas, I'm a Haas Student Ambassador and serve on the Student Advisory Board of our Center for Equity, Gender & Leadership. I'm also involved in our Marketing Club, Consulting Club, and of course, Q@Haas! In my free time, I love going on hikes, practicing yoga, and scouting out the best vegan spots in Berkeley (all signs that I'm truly a California girl at heart).

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Hezi Cohen, MBA '23
VP of Finance

I grew up in Tel Aviv, Israel, and then in Kadima, a small town north of Tel Aviv. After my military service, I studied Philosophy, Economics, and Political Science (PEP) at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and then worked as a financial analyst. Prior to Haas, I worked 4 years at the Budget Department of the Israeli Ministry of Finance, where I also co-founded the “LGBTQ in the Civil Service” Community. At Haas, I’m a SkyDeck venture fellow and looking to pivot into venture capital. I’m also an Israel Trek co-leader and International Student Representative. I love politics, traveling (21 countries including backpacking through South America for 9 months and in India for 4 months), wine, third-wave coffee, parties, and Tel Aviv.

Harry Davies, MBA '23
VP of Communications

I'm from the UK, I grew up in Chichester and was based in London before coming to Haas. I lived in San Francisco for 6-months in 2018 while working for Kiva Microfunds and fell in love with the Bay (and the sunshine), so I always knew I wanted to come back. I started my career in management consulting, where I ran the LGBTQ+ network, before moving into Fintech. At Haas I'm looking to pivot into sustainable food. I'm the VP Careers for Food@Haas and have also been involved with Haas Start-Up Squad. Talk to me about Eurovision, pop music, and plant-based eats.

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Erin Brock, MBA '23
VP of Coming Out Week

I grew up in Baltimore, and moved to New Orleans in 2012 to do my undergrad at Tulane University. I fell in love with the city and stayed for 9 years working in community health, program design, and most recently, non-profit policy & advocacy, within the food justice space. I’m passionate about a sustainability & equity-driven approach to business and am hoping to pivot into sustainable fashion and/or food post-Haas. Aside from Q@Haas, I’m also involved with the Center for Responsible Business, the Race Inclusion Initiative, and serve as a Co-President of Food@Haas. I love hiking & camping, thrifting, coffee shops, glitter, and going on roadtrips with my dog, Boo.

Alex Drakos, MBA '23
VP of Social

I grew up in Greenwich, CT before going to Colgate University to study Neuroscience. Following college, I moved to Boston to work in healthcare consulting for ~3 years. After that I moved to a cancer genomics biotech company called Foundation Medicine where I worked in Corporate Development & Strategy. While living in Boston, I was given a chance to serve on the board of Boston Pride Hockey, the local LGBTQ hockey organization. Combining two of my passions (my work with BPH and my passion for the healthcare / biotech space), I’m hoping to move into the HIV space in a patient-focused role after Haas. Outside of Q@Haas, I’m involved in the Haas Healthcare Association, the Wine Club, Nucleate, and basically every intra mural team.

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Bree Aronin, MBA '23
Co-VP of Allies

Born and raised in Acton, California, I spent the last 9 years in the Navy and seeing the world. I am excited to be a part of Q@Haas, and am also involved in the Wellness Club and Vets Club. I am passionate about health and wellness, fitness, food, and finding secret trails with my dog. Let me know if you want to try a new vegan restaurant!

Alexander Keat, MBA '23
Co-VP of Allies

Hey there! I’m Alex. In 2021, I moved from NYC to Berkeley to start at Haas. While I miss the art and speed of the city, the community at Haas is second to none and Q@Haas is a pillar of our values. Outside of school, I really enjoy dancing Argentine Tango (happy to take folks dancing whenever!). Professionally, I’ve been a founder and a product manager, and am exploring consulting so I can build a strong foundational business and analytical toolkit. Extracurricularly, I’ve taken on being a cohort representative and working on consulting projects, but I’m really proud of being the VP of Allies with Q. Please reach out if you are interested in being an ally or understanding more about the role!

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Eric Liu, EWMBA '24

California is home. I’ve grew up in SoCal and have been in the Bay Area for the past decade. After graduating from Cal in 2015 for my undergrad, I’m excited to be back again for my MBA. At Haas, I’m focused on compassionate leadership and industry disrupting technology. Outside of Haas, I am currently working at a large SaaS tech company, driving pricing and packaging strategy for our commercial bundles. I love traveling, coffee, food & wine, and staying active. Join me for a Barry’s class and brunch afterwards.

Westin Leavitt, EWMBA '24

I’m originally from Salt Lake City, Utah but spent high school in the DC area. I studied Chinese and Business Strategy at BYU after taking a few years to live in Asia. After undergrad I fell into Tech by accident through a random elevator conversation in San Francisco. Since then, SaaS Operations and Success teams have been the focus of my career and I’ve tried to mix in DEI along the way. I was the Chair of my company’s DEI Committee and worked with local refugees on language/employment skills. At Haas, I’ve been involved in the Real Estate Club and Q@Haas so far. Talk to me about any of the above + tennis, aviation, my dog and skiing..

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MBA '23
VP of Onboarding

Want to chat to the VP of Onboarding?  Reach out to!

MBA '23
VP of Education

Want to chat to the VP of Education?  Reach out to!

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