Leadership Team

Hosting parties, planning panels, and coordinating networking events takes a lot of work. These kind souls make it all happen.

Want to chat with one of us?   Reach out to QatHaas@berkeley.edu!

Abhishek Saraf, MBA 22

I grew up in India but moved to Singapore for my undergrad and lived there for 11 years before moving to Berkeley. I have worked across Tech manufacturing, Education, Non-profit and EdTech sectors. I love to think through problems and thus, pivoting to Consulting post-MBA. At Haas, I am also involved with Haas Consulting Club; Center for Equity, Gender and Leadership (EGAL) and I am a Graduate Student Instructor. Talk to me about any of the above and/or theater, dancing, tennis, brunch, yoga or Netflix.

VC, MBA 22


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Casey Smith, MBA 22
Co-VP of Admissions

I grew up in a small town outside of Chicago before starting my undergrad at Notre Dame. After college, I moved to Chicago where I spent ~6 years in the finance world. Over the years, I’ve become super passionate about the education field and enabling success for first-generation college students. I’ll be doing a consulting internship this summer, hoping to work on some cool projects in the Ed Sector! Outside of Q@Haas, I’m also involved in Lean Launchpad, Education Club, Startup Squad, Consulting Club, and I’m also a Graduate Student Instructor (GSI). On the personal side, I love film, hiking, crosswords, cooking and wine tasting.

Chris Wang, MBA/MPH 22
Co-VP of Admissions

I'm a Canadian through and through - lived in Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver (if I'd have to pick, this is home!). I can't get enough of a lot things in life, but on the top of that list is connecting with other kindred souls via couchsurfing / workaway (I spent 2020 on farms in Colombia), being sideways on boards (yes, snowboarding and surfing), and nerding out about psychology & mental health. I spent most of my professional life at Bain working with ironically opposite worlds of private equity & social impact, and eventually left to join a Social Impact consulting firm in Berlin. I care a lot about protecting and nurturing the minds of the next generation, and recently founded a mental health startup focused on culturally competent peer groups.

Daniel Tarockoff, MBA 22
VP of Finance

I was born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, MI, and spent my undergraduate years in Ann Arbor at the University of Michigan. After graduating with my BBA from the Ross School of Business, I moved to NYC and worked as a strategy consultant for the last 5 years. At Haas, I’m pivoting into early-stage venture capital, with a focus on the mental health and wellbeing sectors. I’m interning this Spring with an early-stage fund called Vine Ventures that invests in psychedelics. I enjoy traveling, hiking, biking, live music and festivals, food, beer, and strong coffee.

Taylor Budensiek (she/her), MBA 22
VP of Careers & Alumni

Born and raised in small-town Minnesota, I lived in Minneapolis and NYC before moving to Berkeley. Prior to Haas, I worked as a domestic abuse advocate, a student public defender, and a corporate development attorney at a Fortune 500 financial services company. Talk to me about being a first-gen college & grad student, the value of making your career up as you go/pivoting/a portfolio career, how the Bay will turn you into an outdoors person, being a queer woman at Haas, and Bud Light lime.

Dennis Yee, MBA 22
VP of Education

Born and raised in Silicon Valley, I've only lived in the Bay Area- going to UC Berkeley for undergrad to study Statistics and Asian American & Asian Diaspora Studies, and now in San Francisco. Previously, I worked in a community based organization in Oakland Chinatown and then fundraised for a national action oriented think tank focused on racial and economic equity. Now at Haas, I'm exploring corporate social responsibility and specifically stakeholder engagement. In addition to Q@Haas, I am in the Student Advisory Board for the Center for Social Sector Leadership, on the leadership team for Haas Arts Club, and involved with the Asian American community in the Bay Area.

Moon Kim (he/him), MBA 22
VP of Communications

SF Bay Area is my adopted home. I went to Berkeley for undergrad, and I'm back for more. Prior to Haas, I served in the US Army overseas (Korea and Italy) and worked for the SF Rec and Park, where I managed parks database and operations. Did you know that San Francisco has over 200 parks? Ask me about hidden gems in SF. At Haas, I'm pivoting to technology industry to find ways to bring data analytics and technological solution to the public service. I'm passionate about circus acrobatics, wine tasting, cooking, and exploring new neighborhoods.

Sarah Beauge, MBA 22
Co-VP of Allies

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, I spent the last 7 years working in financial services across three financial centers (NYC, Zurich and Hong Kong). I am passionate about markets and investing.

Feel free to message me about investing, traveling, tennis, wine tasting, or food.

Emily Morrison, MBA 22
Co-VP of Allies

I have lived and worked throughout the Southern US as a social entrepreneur in the public sector for over a decade. My resume tells a meandering, yet cohesive story about a person that enjoys taking risks, living outside of the box, and exploring new territory. If I am coloring outside of the lines of Linkedin, I would highlight how my passion for art history led me to work with artists from across the globe, travel across the country while living out of my car, and start a gallery in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Or, I would talk about how much I enjoy being immersed in the beautiful chaos of a startup--particularly within the context of my experience at a burgeoning public school district in Austin, Texas. Alternately, I would scratch all of that and ask that we trade info about our favorite spots for dinner/cocktails or share photos of our recent wardrobe additions (hats, wigs, and sparkly shoes preferred).

Ian MacLean, MBA 22
Co-VP of Coming Out Week


John Dio, MBA 22
Co-VP of Coming Out Week


Tanay Tiwary, MBA 22
VP of Onboarding


Jeremy Smith, MBA 22
VP of Social

I grew up in a small town in Central Pennsylvania before going to American University for undergrad. I stuck around DC after school and spent four years in economic consulting working on financial crimes and pyramid schemes. At Haas, I’m looking to pivot into business operations roles in tech where I can help companies use data for less nefarious purposes. Talk to me about soccer (unless you’re a Man City fan), where to get the best baked goods in Berkeley, homemade cocktails, and why you don’t need to own a car in Berkeley (Gig referral code included).

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Andrea Berrios, MBA 22
VP of Evening & Weekend

I was born, raised, and educated in Texas, with deep roots in Latin America. Prior to Haas, I spent five years working at Bain & Company; I spent the first three years in our Dallas, Texas office, and in 2018 I had the opportunity to move to Bogotá, Colombia to help open a new office. At Haas, I'm focused on energy, cleantech, and entrepreneurship. In addition to Q@Haas, I'm also Co-Chair of the Race Inclusion Initiative.

Outside of Haas, I love brewing specialty coffee, adventuring outside, and the NYT Cooking app.