Leadership Team

Hosting parties, planning panels, and coordinating networking events takes a lot of work. These kind souls make it all happen.

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Meghan Dow, MBA/MPH 20

I came to Haas to escape a career writing software, which I'd been doing at various tech companies on the east coast for the past 6 years. Florida bred, Boston and New York buttered. Talk to me about pretending to like the Red Sox (sorry, family), actually liking country music, women's health tech, and having no idea what the difference between a bond or a stock was before starting the Haas core curriculum (TL;DR: you'll be fine!)

Alan Man, MBA 20

Born in China, my family immigrated to Auckland, New Zealand when I was 5 (I grew up in NZ so I consider myself a Kiwi as well as Chinese, it's complicated). In Auckland, I studied my undergrad law and commerce degrees, and then went on to work in corporate M&A and international tax before coming to business school. I spent the last three years in Perth, Australia where I founded my firm's regional LGBTQ network, volunteered in the community and was on the board of a LGBTQ local non-profit. Talk to me about: being a Haas Student Ambassador, the LGBTQ community at Haas, diversity/inclusion, consulting recruiting, and Rupaul's Drag Race.

Minh Leu, MBA 20
Vice President of Admissions

Before Haas, I did product management in Boston, operations in Vietnam, and management consulting in New York. I also spent a few months bopping around the world before (and after) each of those jobs. Outside of Q, I’m co-president of Haas Startup Squad, co-president of the International Development & Enterprise Club, and a data scientist management fellow. Talk to me about startups, yoga, or listing things in threes.

John Monaghan, MBA 20
Vice President of Onboarding

Prior to Haas, I worked on sustainability and strategy at the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy out of Chicago, following brief forays into environmental law and policy. I'm currently pursuing future careers in food marketing and entrepreneurship and serve as Co-President of Food@Haas and sit on the Center for Responsible Business Student Advisory Board. Talk to me about moving west, social impact/food on campus, and how to put together a kick-ass cheese board!

Sharon Lau, MBA 20
Vice President of Careers & Alumni

I was born in Australia and grew up in the Bay Area, Singapore, and Hong Kong. After over 5 years in banking in Singapore and Vietnam, I'm excited to be back in the Bay for bschool. Talk to me about moving to new places, board games, competitive rowing (dragonboat, anyone?), getting out of banking, identity-based community building, or anything else!

David Eisenman, MBA 20
Vice President of Education

I traded a lifetime of east coast grit for endless Berkeley sunshine and California chill. I grew up in Washington, DC and lived in Brooklyn for the past seven years playing real-life SimCity negotiating real estate transactions for the City of New York and developing residential towers in Manhattan. Ask me about real estate, building equitable neighborhoods, and why you should get out of New York until the L train is fixed.

Katie Rentz, MBA 20
Vice President of Communications

I’m lucky enough to be from beautiful southern California, and prior to Haas experienced many different parts of the world while serving in the military. One of my favorite things about Haas is the access we have to so many awesome outdoor activities in the bay area! Talk to me about being my cohort’s social chair, triathlons, or the east bay’s best pizza and craft beer spots!

Tyson Johnson, MBA 20
Vice President of Allies

I was a high school teacher for three years in Miami, FL where I also helped co-sponsor the Gay-Straight Alliance Student Club. I worked within fundraising for Teach For America in the years that followed and I continued to advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout South Florida. I came to Haas to broaden my impact through the private sector, with an emphasis on sustainability in food and/or urban development.

Kara Hammer, MBA 20
Vice President of Coming Out Week

I was born and raised in Michigan, but spent the ten years prior to coming to Haas living in the Boston area. I worked at Boston Children’s Hospital immediately after undergrad and then spent the next five years in public sector management consulting. Ask me about food, ultimate frisbee, the US Women’s National Soccer Team, consulting, and PBR!

Oriol Pi Miloro, MBA 20
Vice President of Finance & Sponsorships

From Barcelona. I lived in Seoul, Geneva and now the Bay Area. Before coming to Haas I worked in venture capital and corporate finance, always within the tech industry. I am a social activist in a finance suit. Motorbikes, gaming, Korean food and techno are some of my passions. Ask me about fundraising, non-profit strategy and all-things Haas.

Jeff Simnick, MBA 20
Vice President of Social

Originally from the suburbs of Chicago, I moved into the city to attend the University of Chicago where I studied economics and statistics and spent time abroad in Vienna. While in college, I discovered my passion for healthcare and gay bars. I spent two years working in healthcare investment banking before following my friends to the Bay Area to work in strategy and corporate development at Kaiser Permanente. I'm in the dual MBA/MPH program at Haas. Ask me about: healthcare, running, nihilism, movies, and dessert.

Alexander Vaisman, EWMBA 20
Vice President of Evening and Weekend MBAs

I grew up in Brooklyn, NY and moved to the Bay Area a few years ago for a professional opportunity (with the added bonus of getting away from cold east coast winters). I currently work in the financial services industry (public finance) and spend an excessive amount of time watching shows on HGTV and the Food Network. Talk to me about the trials and tribulations of raising a Pomeranian, the San Francisco LGBT Kickball League, life as an Evening & Weekend MBA student, or anything else that comes to mind.

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