Leadership Team

Hosting parties, planning panels, and coordinating networking events takes a lot of work. These kind souls make it all happen.

Want to chat with one of us? Reach out to QatHaas@berkeley.edu!

Wyatt Davis, MBA 21

Originally from outside of Boston, I’ve been migrating west since I graduated from Amherst College. I spent 6 years in Denver working in tech program management and strategy at an insurance company. I loved being at the intersection of business, design and tech, but was deeply uninspired by insurance. I came to Haas to move into an industry that I find more exciting - outdoors, fitness, human wellbeing kinds of things. In addition to Q@Haas, I am involved in Berkeley Board Fellows (for Girls Inc), Women in Leadership, and the Berkeley Graduate Assembly. Ask me about taking time to explore career options, where to get the best poke, the names of my niece and nephews, triathlon, and my amazing friends at Haas!

Eddie Consigliere, MBA 21

I’m originally from Peru and have lived in California for almost 20 years. Before Haas, I worked in student affairs and audit. Most recently, I was at a Fintech startup focusing on financial inclusion through digital engagement and education in Latin America and Africa. At Haas, I’m also a Co-President of the Digital Media and Entertainment Club. Talk to me about Peruvian food, exploring different careers and finding your path, or honestly anything at all!

Joseph Hassine, MBA 21
Vice President of Admissions

Born and raised in California, I spent five years living in St. Louis and Washington, DC before returning to the #bestcoast. I most recently worked in the nonprofit sector in education⏤an issue I’m incredibly passionate about⏤in a role focused on growth, strategy, and human capital. At Haas, I’m exploring the intersections of business, technology, and social impact, with an eye toward racial and economic equity in the U.S. In addition to Q@Haas, I co-lead Cheetah Tank (an entrepreneurship program for elementary schoolers) and am a member of the Consortium, Berkeley Board Fellows, and others.

Daniel Cerda, MBA 21
Vice President of Finance

Had the pleasure of growing up in Los Angeles until I went off to undergrad at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. I studied economics and accounting and after graduating went right back to Los Angeles where I worked in auditing and consulting. After four years I decided to make the next step and come to Haas where I fell in love with the people and campus. I’ll be working in Investment Banking over the summer. On campus I’m heavily involved with the soccer club and am one of your Haas student ambassadors.

Joey Parker, MBA 21
Vice President of Careers & Alumni

I grew up in beautiful Charlotte, NC and, for five years prior to Haas, I ran operations and strategic account management at Year Up Bay Area, a social enterprise that trains and supports young adult interns launching their careers. My passion for career empowerment followed me to Haas, where I’m excited to serve as your VP of Careers and Alumni. Outside of Q, I’m involved in Cheetah Tank, Race Inclusion Initiative, and the Consortium. Talk to me about being a gaymer, going on urban hikes and runs, and finding fun and exciting things to do in San Francisco!

Fayzan Gowani, MBA 21
Vice President of Education

Career: Before Haas, I lived between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan working for the University of Central Asia and helped launch two universities in mountain communities. I’ve also lived in Kenya and worked on agriculture supply chain research and policy at the Aga Khan Foundation East Africa, and originally started my career in Congressman Michael Honda’s Capitol Hill office. 


Goals: Product inclusion in tech and ethical AI.


Life: Political wonk, amateur chef, leads LGBTQ-focused dialogue in Muslim spaces.


Talk to me about: Non-traditional student experience (crossword puzzles > sudoku), human behavior, brain science, inclusion, geo-politics, artificial intelligence. (Or favorite recipe.) ((Or nsfw goal.))

Ghaida Zahran, EWMBA 22
Vice President of Communications

Born and raised in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and moved to the Bay Area 8 years ago to pursue my dreams of designing in tech. Now I'm a product designer at Netflix where I have the privilege of solving complex problems for Netflix customers with super smart people. When I'm not on campus or at Netflix, I enjoy sailing around the bay. Talk to me about design, tech, or sailing!

Alex Russomagno, MBA 21
Vice President of Allies

Born and raised in NJ, I spent 7 years in NYC doing Corporate Venture Capital for a bank. What I loved most about this role was the spirit of investing beyond financial return, which is why at Haas, I am engaging in ways to positively impact an even broader reach of stakeholders by focusing on social impact. If you’re interested in Sustainability, Food/Agriculture Technology, Entrepreneurship, hiking, dancing, and road tripping, come find me!

Jason Friedman, MBA 21
Vice President of Coming Out Week

Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, I moved up north to Boston for undergrad at Harvard, spent 3 years in Boston afterwards as a life sciences consultant, and have finally made the move out west for Haas. Here on campus, I’m the Co-President of the Haas Healthcare Association and sing in the 1st year band, the Red Haas Chili Peppers. Talk to me about all things healthcare, including but not limited to Grey’s Anatomy!

David Diaz, EWMBA 22
Vice President of Evening and Weekend MBAs

I was born and raised in Costa Rica.  For the last twelve years I have lived in Japan and US, where I have worked as architect designing skyscrapers and buildings around the world. Ask me about real estate, design, entrepreneurship, life as an EWMBA student, and karaoke.

David Miller, MBA 21
Vice President of Social

From the Bay Area originally, I went to Berkeley for undergrad and studied Economics and Public Policy. After graduation, I worked in financial consulting for a few years, then transitioned into a role managing financial capability programs for a social enterprise based in San Francisco working with youth from underserved communities, eventually becoming Director of Finance. I’m a co-lead for Haas Language Exchange and co-vp of Social Impact for Haas FinTech Club. Ask me about the joys of living in Northern California (esp. Oakland), housing development in CA, Social Impact, or to speak with you in German!

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