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Leadership Team

Hosting parties, planning panels, and coordinating networking events takes a lot of work. These kind souls make it all happen.

Want to chat with one of us? Reach out to!

Sarah Intoccia, MBA'25

I am the co-president of Q@Haas this year along with Jash Padhiar. Together we aim to build an inclusive community for our Q students that celebrates all their intersectional identities and encourages allies to strengthen their advocacy for their LGBTQ+ peers.

I am a first-year full-time MBA student at Haas. I grew up in the Philadelphia suburbs where I worked for the financial services firm Vanguard in analytical and strategic roles. I hope to work in a product management or product marketing role in the fintech industry and remain in the Bay Area post-graduation. I chose Haas because I not only wanted to live in a vibrant location with companies I was interested in working for, but I wanted to be surrounded by a community that values connection, inclusion, and creating positive change in the world. Because I moved here with my partner, I also wanted to have peers that would make her feel welcome and included. I am happy to say Berkeley and the Haas community quickly made us feel at home!

In addition to being Co-President of Q@Haas, I am VP of Conference for the Fintech Club and VP of Alumni for the Marketing Club. Ask me about: the financial services and fintech industries, product management and product marketing, queer life in the Bay Area, moving from the East Coast, and coming to school with a partner.

Jash Padhiar, MBA '25

I am a full time MBA '25, and I serve as co-president of Q@Haas. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, I spent my whole life in the South before moving out here to Berkeley. My previous experience is in finance, strategy, and sustainability in the industrials sector, and I hope to work in the energy sector post-MBA. Coming into Haas, I wanted to be more open and authentic in professional and academic settings, and I can say the program and students have absolutely exceeded my expectations.

Outside of Q@Haas, I also serve as the VP of Clubs for MBAA and on the leadership teams of Berkeley Energy and Resources Collaborative and Haas Marketing Club. I also love to dance! Ask me about recruiting in non-traditional sectors or outside of the West Coast, finance / strategy roles, and moving from the South!

Andy Xie, MBA '25
VP of Admissions
One fact about me: I used to dream of being a standup comedian but gave up because people are always swayed by my cuteness instead of my jokes. OK, that is just a joke.

I am originally from Shenzhen, China, which is called Chinese Silicon Valley, a great place full of innovation and tech startups. Prior to my MBA, I spent 5 years in consulting and 1 year in a gaming company. I came to Haas to pursue a tech role (Fintech or Edtech) to have more impact on the users.

I am enthusiastic about comedy and cooking. For comedy, because I know there are always more joyful angles to see things in your daily life and can drive deeper insight. Modern Family and Friends are my two favorite sitcoms! For cooking, I recently obsessed over making Asian fusion cuisine, which combines western style into Asian daily meals. For the question “What do you want to do if you don't need to worry about money?” My answer is always being a big cute chef!

Anthony Zhang, MBA '25
VP of Careers and Alumni

I am the VP of Career & Alumni at Q@Haas. Prior to moving to Northern California in the summer of 2023, I was a senior consultant based in Tokyo. I spent seven years in the strategy consulting, with a focus on innovation strategy, digital transformation, marketing, consumer insights and consumer experience. Prior to my adventure in Japan, I served the U.S. Department of State as a Foreign Policy Consultant on East Asian international affairs, and worked at the John L. Thornton China Center at the Brookings Institution in Washington D.C.

I'm pivoting to big tech and have developed interests in entertainment tech, edutech and healthtech. At Haas, I'm taking innovation and design courses to gain expertise in product management, corporate strategy, software & service, and customer / user experience.

I was born and raised in Hangzhou, a city in southeastern China that is famous for its beautiful nature and the boom of Chinese literature and arts during the Song Dynasty (around 1100). I became a permanent resident of Japan after working and living in the country for several years, so I consider Tokyo my second home. Happy to chat about Asian food, travel tips and culture!

Wayne Tsai, MBA '25
VP of Finance

One fact about me: I once slept for 18 hours nonstop!

I am originally from Taipei Taiwan, where I grew up and lived for over a quarter century. It's a country full of delicious local and exotic cuisines, astonishing nature, and most importantly, super fun and vivid queer night life!!

Unlike most Californians, I am extremely nerdy and the only outdoor space I'd go to is probably either a street bar or a beer garden. I enjoy playing League of Legends, and I want to get better at it!

Hao Nguyen, MBA'25
VP of Communications
One fact about me: 
I have 3 birthdays, and I am a mix of Scorpio, Libra, and Gemini. It's complicated, baby!
Hao Nguyen.jpg

Hey there, fabulous folks of Queer at Haas! I'm Hao, your resident VP of Communication, here to sprinkle some glitter on our digital domain. Originally hailing from the vibrant streets of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, I chose to be at Haas because I love the Californian sunshine, and how supportive and kind the Q@Haas community has been to me throughout my application journey and my dawn days on campus.

In my pre-MBA life, I worked as a Marketing Manager, slaying the game with Unilever's innovative ice cream launches. (DM me: "What's up professionally?" if you want to talk about PMM/PM career). Now, as a full-time MBA student at Haas, I'm hoping to bring the charm and queerness of our community to the forefront.

I'm here to make sure our voices are heard, our stories are told, and our fabulousness shines through in everything we do. Let's spread some rainbow magic together, one meme at a time!

Lily Brown, MBA'25
Co-VP of Social

I am an East Coast gal hailng from Boston/NYC/Vermont, but I have always harbored a big ol' crush on California, so I am psyched to be making my California debut. Previous to Haas, I worked at Vimeo in the world of enterprise sales and am now hoping to pivot into the world of startups and Venture Capital. In addition to the lofty role of Co-VP of Social for Q@Haas, I am the VP of Community for the MBA Association and get to help shape the magic that is the Haas community.

Diego Pineda, MBA/MPH '25
Co-VP of Social
I find solace in the whi
spers of the wind

Hola, bienvenidos a Q@Haas. Diego here as Co-VP of Social with the fabulous Lily.

I came to Haas because of the unique community in Berkeley, which always shows originality and support—plus being surrounded by the innovative ecosystem of the Bay Area and its beautiful nature.

During the pandemic, I opened a coffee shop and juice bar with my sister back in Mexico City (AMAMBA, if you try it, lmk your thoughts!), so reach out if you are thinking of starting a business and dive into the entrepreneurship roller coaster. Before that, I worked at the United Nations in NYC as an economic adviser for the Mexican government, so I also love talking about international cooperation.

Outside of school, I find a balance between practicing yoga, biking around, and going out to dance with friends.

Pranjali Vadlaputi, EWMBA '26

One face about me: I dream of growing a self-sustaining vegtable garden in my backyard. So far I have only kept one basil plant alive.

As the VP of EWMBAs, I'm on a mission to foster an atmosphere of solidarity and support among queer individuals within the part-time MBA program.

I grew up in the vibrant city of Pune, India, full of rich history and, in my opinion, the most delicious street-food in the world. I moved to the United States to complete my undergrad at UC Davis, and I've been rooted in the Davis/Sacramento region ever since.

With a background in Biomedical Engineering, I spent four years as a Clinical Research Coordinator, primarily developing diagnostic tools to improve the detection of congenital heart defects in newborns. Through this role, I worked with patients from diverse backgrounds, and was exposed the pressing concerns around access and equity in healthcare. These experiences fueled my soft pivot into healthcare operations.

Currently, I serve as the Pediatric Telehealth Program Manager at UC Davis Health, where I leverage telehealth to bridge gaps in pediatric subspecialty care - particularly in rural areas. I came to Haas with the goal of climbing the healthcare operations & strategy ladder and expanding accessibility to Gender Affirming Care services.

Blue Circle low res.png
MBA '25
VP of Community

Want to chat to the VP of Community?  Reach out to!

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