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What We Do

Q@Haas is deeply embedded in the Haas community. We do a lot, from school-wide parties and educational events for Haas to professional development and hangouts just for Q-identified students and partners. Here are some examples of our programs, events, and treks.

Coming Out Week

For Haas


Coming Out Week

Every fall, we host a week full of programs to share our experiences with the Haas community, address major issues in the LGBTQ community, answer questions from our allies, and give allies a chance to show their incredible support. It all kicks off with the Coming Out Monologues, one of the highest-attended and most powerful events we host, where the Haas community shows up to support Q members sharing their stories. There’s also an ally event, where our allies discuss how they can show up to support the LGBTQ community at Haas and beyond. They're the best.

Days at Haas party

When Haas needs someone to host a party to showcase our community for admitted students, they come to Q. Obviously.


Haas’ annual drag show for the whole first year class. Q isn’t even the official host… but we help. 

Movie nights

We may not all be expert connoisseurs of LGBTQ film… but we try.

Out 4 Business mentoring

Haas is an undergrad school too, so we pay it forward!

WhatsApp Image 2019-09-24 at 1.00.32 PM.

Advancing Allyship Workshop

Undergrad business panel

For Us


Week zero party pregame

A chance to get to know one another & acclimate the international
students to our apparent American obsession with costumes!


Lesbians Who Tech

An annual event in San Francisco that brings together over 5,000

lesbians, queer women, and allies across all areas of technology.


Mixers with other programs

Berkeley Law. Berkeley Public Policy. Berkeley Queer Gads. Even

Stanford GSB… we like to mix and mingle.



Recruiting and alumni events

Many companies look specifically for LGBTQ talent, so they reach out to Q@Haas to set up events, coffee chats, and interviews for us. We also like to meet and mingle with alumni at our local watering hole, Free House.

Out in Tech

A non-profit which hosts tons of local chapter events. Great 

opportunities to network with other LGBTQ professionals!


The Reaching Out MBA Annual Conference, i.e. the ultimate

intersection of our professional and social lives. You can literally

walk away with a job offer.


We rent a house every year for Haas’s annual ski trip to Lake Tahoe. We welcome friends from other houses in the neighborhood, but

also enjoy some quality hot tub and mimosa time with each other.

…plus many many more informal events such as happy hours, nights out in San Francisco and Oakland, ladies nights, gayme nights, and occasionally even some events during the day!

Screen Shot 2019-08-12 at 3.07.56 PM.png
Law & PP Mixer.jpg
WhatsApp Image 2019-08-13 at 11.49.34 AM

Pregaming the annual

costume party

Mixer with Law & Public Policy
grad schools

Pitchers not pictured -
downtown Berkeley

Exploring Minneapolis at
ROMBA 2018

Skittles @ ROMBA!

We couldn't even w/ the record
snowfall at TaHaaSki

Ships in the night

Monthly lesbian dance parties at different venues in the east bay



SF Pride is incredible if you're in the area for the summer; if not, Oakland Pride in the fall doesn’t disappoint.

Queer First Fridays

A monthly festival of "beers, beats, and babes" in Oakland

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