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Who We Are

Q@Haas was founded in 1992 by students Ben Burbridge (MBA 92), Adrienne Torf (MBA 92), Garrett Hornsby (MBA 92), and Mike Brantjes (MBA 93) to serve the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender MBA community at the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business.

Q@Haas has four main goals to help accomplish this mission:

  1. To build and support lasting connections between and among Haas' students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

  2. To enhance the professional and personal development of LGBTQ students at Haas.

  3. To increase LGBTQ visibility within the larger Haas
    community, ensuring Haas remains an open and inclusive environment.

  4. To build awareness around issues of diversity both at school and in the workplace.

Founders Ben Burbridge and Adrienne Torf with Q@Haas members and alumni at the Q@Haas 25th anniversary celebration on April 26, 2017

Today, Q@Haas is a thriving group with over 450 members.

We represent all three MBA programs at Berkeley Haas, though we are primarily composed of full-time MBA students due to the intensive schedules of the Evening and Weekend MBA program and Executive MBA program. We sponsor socials, educational panels, mentoring programs, workshops, recruiting events, alumni mixers, and more – for both LGBTQ students and the broader Haas community.

Sexual orientation and gender identity are regularly included in conversations and programs discussing broader issues of diversity and culture. The Admissions and Financial Aid offices have programs specifically designed for and targeted to LGBTQ students, while the career services and alumni offices actively encourage and support LGBTQ networking events both on and off campus.


Q@Haas actively encourages all students to participate in events, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Moreover, because we have such a strong community of allies, the vast majority of MBA students are Q@Haas members. 

Q@Haas is a member of Affiliates of ROMBA, the national organization connecting LGBTQ business students nationwide.

Former Dean Lyons with members of Q@Haas

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