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Q Life at Haas

Q@Haas, like Berkeley and the greater Bay Area, is known for its diverse, inclusive, and affirming spirit. In other words, life is pretty great here for LGBTQ people.


As one of the largest and most active clubs at Haas, we have become deeply embedded in the DNA of the school. We have over 50 Q-identified MBA students and over 500 allies as members - and that's just counting those who officially signed up. There are Q-identified students from a wide variety of backgrounds in all three MBA programs at Haas, and many faculty and staff also identify as LGBTQ.


"Haas has been a safe and encouraging space for me pause, reflect, and practice how I want to show up authentically in the different spaces in my life, from personal to professional. Coming from working in a more conservative region and industry, being at Haas has definitely made it so much easier to explore how I wanted to express my identity."

Sharon, MBA 20

Berkeley Haas is a supportive, welcoming community. Because we're a tight-knit group, we actively seek out opportunities to learn about each others' diverse backgrounds. We're also really lucky to be in the Bay Area, where being LGBTQ has become so normalized that people bring their partners to events without thinking twice.


Some of us weren't out before Haas, but felt so supported by our peers that we chose to come out here. Even some of us who were already out had concerns that the business school culture might be inhospitable to LGBTQ students... concerns that evaporated as soon as we got here.

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