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For Q-Identified Students

If you haven't joined Q@Haas yet, do it now! In addition, if you'd like to join our internal announcement board and informal chat group, just let us know and we'll add you to the crew.

We are but one small part[y] of the LGBTQ landscape at Berkeley, which offers some incredible resources for LGBTQ students, partners, and families. The Tang Center, for example, offers a centralized page for LGBTQ health, including a list of LGBTQ counselors (one of whom has an office right at Haas).

Finally, Q@Haas benefits from being an affiliate of ROMBA, the national organization connecting LGBTQ business students nationwide.

For Prospective Students

Whoops, one tab too far! Check out our page just for you. (Though, if you have specific questions about the admissions process, you're probably better off going straight to the admissions office.)

For Q-Identified Faculty and Staff

We encourage you to join Q@Haas! It's important to us to see representation in all areas of Haas, and since you stay here longer than we do... you're the real torch-bearers of Q@Haas. So join our ranks and come hang out at some of our events!

For Allies

The first step to being an ally is showing up. To do that electronically, and learn about opportunities to do that physically, become a member of Q@Haas! It's free!

The second step is actively supporting your LGBTQ classmates, colleagues, and friends. Learn how to be a better ally by downloading the Q@Haas ally guide. You can also learn more about being a good LGBTQ ally and understanding LGBTQ terminology from Berkeley's Gender Equity Resource Center.

If You Aren't Sure

Q@Haas welcomes all students, whether you identify as straight, queer, questioning, or none of the above. In Q@Haas, you are unconditionally welcomed and supported regardless of how you identify.

If you're questioning your sexual orientation or gender identity, please know we are here as a resource for you. Sexuality and gender identity are complex, and exploring these issues can be confusing and overwhelming. Every one of us has a unique story of how we came to terms with our identity and eventually came out. But all our stories have one thing in common - it wasn't easy. We will never pressure you to come out, but we are here to listen if you want to talk - just reach out to one of our officers directly or email our VP of Communications, who can set you up with someone like you in Q@Haas. There are also LGBTQ counselors at University Health Services and even right at Haas.

Whatever you're going through - wherever you are in your journey - know that we've been where you are. You are not alone!

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